Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Historical Mystery Series Coming Soon!

The Spoils of Avalon will make its debut in early November as the first of a new series:  The John Singer Sargent / Violet Paget Mysteries. An intriguing feature of the new series is the use of two time periods for each mystery, as the amateur sleuths are drawn into solving current crimes while being led into the past for clues and information.

Watch the book trailer here: The Spoils of Avalon

The Spoils of Avalon introduces two unlikely detectives and life-long friends—beginning as young people on the verge of making their names famous for the next several decades throughout Europe and America:  the brilliant and brittle Violet Paget, known as the writer Vernon Lee, and the talented, genial portrait painter John Singer Sargent.

Written in alternating chapters between two time periods--1877 and 1539--The Spoils of Avalon creates a sparkling, magical mystery that bridges the gap between two worlds that could hardly be more different—the industrialized, Darwinian, materialistic Victorian Age and the agricultural, faith-infused life of a medieval abbey on the brink of violent change at the hands of Henry VIII.